Dallas vs Pittsburgh Super Bowl X

Looking at the subject Super Bowl film,  the Pittsburgh Steelers let missed many opportunities to turn this game into a route.   It shows how good they were to survive the mistakes.    Steeler fans had many anxious moments.

(1) Late First quarter.  The score was tied at seven.  The Steelers had the ball fourth and two from the Dallas 32.  They set up a screen beautifully.  Franco Harris was set to catch the ball with three blockers ahead of him.  With an escort and acceleration, it was very difficult to stop Franco.  I feel he would have gone the distance for a touchdown; but he took his eyes off the ball too quickly and dropped it.   Dallas took over.

(2) Second quarter.  The Steelers’ Roy Gerela missed a field goal.

(3) Late Second quarter.  Dallas was driving deep in Steeler territory.  Defensive Halfback Glen Edwards had the ball in his hands at the 14.  Edwards was going one way; the action was was moving the other.  He would have gone all the way for a touchdown; but Edwards dropped the ball.  Dallas kicked a field goal and led 10 to 7 at the half.

(4) Pittsburgh basically took over the game in the third quarter but did not score.  Gerela missed another  field goal.  The aftermath of that miss, plus a special teams play, turned the game in Pittsburgh’s favor.  Cliff Harris foolishly taunted Gerela and Jack Lambert almost flipped him.

(5) Fourth quarter.  Pittsburgh, by now smoking, stopped the Cowboys deep in their territory.  The  Cowboys were punting and Chuck Noll ordered an all out blitz.  Reggie Harrsion easily blocked the ball and it went, on one bounce, over the end line.  Dallas 10 Pittsburgh 9.

(6) After the free kick, Pittsburgh scored a field goal and led for the first time 12 to 10.

(7) The Steelers missed a big chance to put the game away.  Mike Wagner made an interception on Roger Staubach at the Dallas 38 and ran it to the two.  Then game three failures.  Gerela kicked a field goal and the Steelers led 15 to 10.

(8) Terry Bradshaw threw and 64 yard touchdown pass to Lynn Swann. The Cowboys countered with a touchdown; but the Steelers won 21 to 17.

I felt that the score should have been more like 35 10 14.  Thrilling.


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