Three No Names but Big Numbers

The following three quarterbacks were journeymen around the  NFL.  Rarely starters and virtually unnoticed, they quietly put up some big numbers.

David Krieg-played from 1980 to 1998;  with Seattle, Kansas City, Tennessee, Arizona, and Chicago; completed 3,105 of 5, 311passes for 38, 147 yards; 59% completion rate; 261 touchdowns; 199 interceptions; in playoffs six times; made three Pro Bowls.

Steve Beuerlein-played  from 1988 to 2003; with Los Angeles Raiders, Dallas Cowboys, Arizona; Jacksonville;  Carolina; and Denver; completed 1,894 of 3,328 passes for 24,046 yards; 57% completion rate; 147 touchdowns; 112 interceptions;  led NFC in completions and yards gained with Carolina in 1999; one Pro Bowl

Steve Deberg-played from 1978 to 1993; with San Francisco, Denver, Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Tampa Bay again, Arizona, Miami, and Atlanta; completed 2,874 of 5,024 passes for 34, 241 yards; 196 touchdowns; 93 interceptions; led NFC in completions and attempts with the 49ers in 1979.


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