Question on Past Baseball MVP

These are two questionable Most Valuable Player Awards.  The latest is first since it was a blatant  misfire.  Keep in mind  that  being on a pennant winning team helps a player’s chances for winning the MVP.

In 1960,  the Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series.  Dick Groat, the National League batting champion, was the MVP;  but look at the statistics:

Dick Groat   HRs  2 RBIs  50  AVERAGE  .325

Roberto Clemente  HRs 16  RBIs 94  AVERAGE  .314

No question here.  14 more home runs and 44 more runs batted in easily outway  .011  points in the batting average.

In 1954, the Cleveland Indians broke the New York Yankees’ streak of five consecutive Word Series victories.  With irony the Yankees won more games  in 1954 than in each of the five previous years.  Cleveland won 111 games to New York’s 103; in other words  25% of the teams won 35% of the games.  Larry Doby broke the color line the the American League as  Jackie Robinson did in the National League.  He led  the AL in home runs and runs batted in.  Yogi Berra won the second of his three MVP awards.

Yogi Berra  HRs 22 RBIs 125 AVERAGE  .307

Larry Doby HR 32 RBIs 126 AVERAGE .271

I cannot comment here.  Are 10 more home runs worth  .036 more batting points.


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