Barry Goldwater Memorial

The Barry Goldwater Memorial is in Paradise Valley, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix.  It’s on  the north east corner of Tatum and Lincoln Drive.  Surrounded by cactus,  the park is an excellent place to learn the names of desert plants.   I like it best in the winter months. The statue is a good likeness to Senator Goldwater.  He stands tall, erect, and proud facing  Camelback Mountain.  Easily noticed are his sharp facial features, firm jaw,  wavy hair, and horned him glasses.  It is a half statesman  half westerner  pose with his right hand on his hip and the left at his side holding a Stetson hat.

I do not want to repeat the what’s on the internet but just state my personal observations.

Barry Goldwater’s election as the  United States Senator in 1952 was a turning point for  Arizona .  This broke the firm hold that the Democratic  Party had on the state. In the Senate,  Goldwater was primarily a spokesman for a conservative philosophy rather than good legislator. He had a firm belief, in some ways like Herbert Hoover,  of the dignity and capability  of  the individual.   This did not mean the acquisition of a great amounts of money or justification of greed.  It  meant, to him, the people should rise on their own initiative.  Corporations, unions, and the government  should not expect  conformity from the individual.

In person, Barry Goldwater was high minded and most likable.   He was gregarious and very easy to talk with.  Despite his strong beliefs,  Goldwater respected the opposition and realized anybody, including  himself, functions best if they have strong opposition.  It’s easy to express your  feelings   with people who agree with you.  Senator Goldwater never shied away from confrontation; and never let get the argument get personal, counting many Liberal Democrats as his best friends.  I will talk about this many faceted man later.  Should you get a chance,  it would pay to visit his memorial.


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