Safeties Can Be Big

Safeties can be big and have been turning points in three Super Bowls.   They were the only scores  teams got when dominating the game.  I personally prefer safeties to field goals.  The scoring team receives a free kick from the opponents 20 yard line.  This really rubs the score in .

Super Bowl 9

Pittsburgh vs Minnesota at New Orleans

The Steel Curtain dominated this game from the start.  In the first half, however, they blew two easy field goal attempts.  Frustration mounted and I felt that Pittsburgh was letting the Vikings off the hook.  Late in the half, Fran Tarkenton and Dave Osborn muffed a routine handoff deep in the own territory.  Tarkenton covered the ball in the end zone and Defensive End Dwight Wright covered him.  Pittsburgh led 2 to 0 at the half and won 16 to 6.  More on this game later.

Super Bowl 10

Pittsburgh vs Dallas at Orange Bowl in Miami

The Steelers owned the scoreless third quarter; but still  trailed the Cowboys 10 to 7. Early in the fourth quarter, Chuck Noll called for on all out blitz on Cowboy punter Mitch Hoppes.  The kicker was at the ten yard line.  Reggie Harrison easily blocked the punt and it flew over the End Line.  Pittsburgh pulled within a point and won 21 to 17.

Super Bowl 21

New York Giants vs the Denver Broncos

Denver had the ball three times in a mad first quarter but led only 10 to 7.  It could have been 21 to 7.  The Giants put on the deep press in the second quarter but, as with the previous two games,  failed to score.  Late in the quarter, John Elway dropped back into his own end zone.  George Martin simply brushed aside a lineman and tackled Elway.  The Giants trailed 10 to 9.  Fans sensed the New York was about to explode in the second half; and they did.  The Broncos scored late against a prevent defense. New York won 39 to 20.


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