Defeating HOF QBs Back to Back

In 1992, Eagle fans referred to their team’s defense as the Green Curtain or Gang Green.  The loss of Jerome Brown in the off season hurt the city and the Eagles.  Philadelphia may have added two wins to their 11-5 record with  Jerome on the field.   Weeks three and four, both at Veterans Stadium, saw the Eagles bury two future  Hall of Fame Quarterbacks.

Week 3 Denver Broncos

Randall Cunningham completed 18 of 25 passes for 270 yards and three touchdowns.  Calvin Williams and Fred Barnett each caught five passes for over 100 yards.  Two of William’s catches were touchdowns.  John Elway completed only 8 of 18 passes for 59 yards.  Eagles sacked him four times for 29 yards in losses.  Otis Smith intercepted a pass.  Denver had 82 yards of offense all day.  Philadelphia 30 Denver 0.

Week 4 Dallas Cowboys

Hershel Walker was the offensive star carrying 19 times for 86 yards and two touchdowns.  Gang Green sacked Troy Aikman four times for 26 yards in losses.  John Booty, Byron Evans, and Wes Hopkins had the three interceptions.  Philadelphia 31 Dallas. 7.  


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