Purdue vs Notre Dame-Winning Not Enough

In 1971 Purdue at home was leading Notre Dame 7 to 0 with just over two minutes left in the game.    The Irish had done nothing all day.   Conditions were damp, rainy, and soggy at Ross Aide Stadium.   Purdue had the ball at its own ten yard line on fourth down.   I figured that Purdue coach Bob DeMoss would take a deliberate safety.  Purdue was getting excellent punting all day from Scott Lockheed.   He might kick the ball a long way from his own 20.

Instead Lockheed fumbled the snap  about three years deep in his end zone.   Notre Dame’s Clarence Ellis took Lockheed out of the play.  Fred Swenson recovered the ball for a touchdown.  Ara Parshegian  decided on a two point conversion.  Pat Steenberge passed to Mike Creaney for the go ahead points. Taking a safety might have won the game for Purdue.  Instead the Boilermakers  tried for a shut out;  Purdue wound up losing both the shut out and game, 8 to 7.


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