1991 Philadelphia Eagles Part 2

Two games in this  four week span cost the Philadelphia Eagles the playoffs.  Game five was a 23 to 0 loss at Washington.  Game eight was a 23 to 7 loss at home to San Francisco.  In both games, the better team won.  Games six and seven were another matter. Randall Cunningham would have led the Eagles to easy victories.  Only lovers of defensive play would have enjoyed these games.   Even a great defense can only take you so far without offensive help.

Game Six at Tampa Bay Buccaneers-lost 14 to13

The Eagles began to rise after a scoreless first half.  After Roger Ruzak kicked two field goals,  Seth Joyner recovered a fumble in the Bucs End Zone.   The Eagles now led  13 to 0.  Chris Chandler replaced a worn out Vinnie Testaverde at quarterback.  Chandler threw two touchdown passes in the last five minutes and Philadelphia wasted a great defensive effort.   The Eagles recorded three interceptions, three sacks for 24 yards in losses, and three fumble recoveries.  Brad Goebel was horrible as the Eagles quarterback.

Game Seven New Orleans at home-lost 13 to 6

Rich Kotie used both Brad Goebel and Pat Ryan at quarterback.  Both were really bad.  New Orleans also played two quarterbacks,  Bobby Hebert and Steve Young.   Philadelphia threw five interceptions and yielded six sacks for 29 yards in losses.

These two games were the key to the season.


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