Big Play in 1980 NFL Chamionship Game

We remember with great pride the 20 to 7 win over Dallas in the subject game.  There were frigid wind swirling conditions.  Wilbert Montgomery was the MVP and there is no doubt he deserved it.  We have seen his:

–42 yard touchdown run the on first play the Eagles had the ball and;

–the 54 yard breakthrough late in the game  that got the Eagles from deep in their own territory to a field goal.

Nevertheless, don’t forget the great defensive effort that never let up.

It was midway through the third quarter, the Eagles leading 10 to 7.  The Cowboys had the ball on a first down just inside Eagles territory.   Things did not look well.  Consider this

–In the second quarter, a holding penalty nullified a Jaworski to Carmichael touchdown pass.  The score was 7 all at halftime;

–This was in the previous Cowboy possession.   Carl Hairston and Dennis Harrison sacked Danny White at the Dallas three.  It seemed like both of them covered  the ball.   Philadelphia did nothing on three downs.  Tony Franklin kicked at 21 yard field goal and Philadelphia led 10 to 7.

On the first play after the kickoff,  White threw a 30 yard completion to Jay Saldi.  This brings us to the beginning of this paragraph.

Like I said things did not look well.  White handed to Tony Dorsett who moved laterally.  Randy Logan slowed up Dorsett; Roynell Young stripped the ball loose; Linebacker Jerry Robinson returned the ball 22 yards.  A touchdown from Leroy Harris followed quickly.

This perfectly executed defensive gem turned the game around.  We have yet to see it on You Tube.

For the game on the Eagle defense had the following credentials:

–Danny White was 12 for 31 for 127 yards and  one interception;

–the Eagles held Dallas to 90 yards rushing while getting 263;

–the Eagles recovered three fumbles, among them the one just mentioned

–there was one sack on Danny White for 11 yards.

The Philadelphia Eagles would have had more sacks had they scored even one more touchdown.  They could have concentrated on rushing Danny White and not paid as much attention to the ground game.

Let’s see this three on one defensive play on You Tube.


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