Alternate for Pro Bowl & Defeating the Super Bowl Champs

This is a self serving suggestion.  Nobody knows the disappointment of losing the conference championship like Eagles fans.  It is much greater than losing the Super Bowl.  Contrary to platitudes,  just getting to the Super Bowl means allot.  This past year NFL officials put the Pro Bowl in the blank weekend.  It did not enhance the game one bit. Why not use the NFL setup in the Runner Up Bowl from 1960 to 1969.    Have a Sunday where the two losing conference champions play each other.


Next to going the Super Bowl, the thing I take the most satisfaction from is defeating the eventual Super Bowl winner.  The Eagles did it in the below listed games here.  As previously mentioned in 2008, the Philadelphia Eagles defeated both Super Bowl teams.  I will talk about the games later.  They were home unless  otherwise noted.

1979-Pittsburgh Steelers, 17 to 14;

1980-Oakland Raiders, 10 to 3;

1987-Washington Redskins, 31 to 27;

1990-New York Giants, 31 to 13;

1991-Washington Redskins, 24 to 22;

1992-Dallas Cowboys, 31 to 7;

1994-at San Francisco 49ers, 40 to 8;

1995-Dallas Cowboys, 20 to 17;

1999-St Louis Rams, 38 to 31;

2002-Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 20 to 10;

2008-Pittsburgh Steelers, 15 to 6;

2011-at New York Giants, 17 to 10.


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