1991 Philadelphia Eagles-Part 4

The final two games of this let down season were at Veterans Stadium

Week 15 Dallas Cowboys-Eagles lost 25 to 13

Steve Buerline played for an injured Troy Aikman. I think Dallas coach Jim Johnson told Buerlin that throwing incomplete passes was fine;  just avoid sacks and turnovers.  Dallas did that.    Buerline was horrible completing  just nine of 31 passes for 145 yards and one touchdown.  Despite defecting some passes at the line of scrimmage, the Eagles defense got only was sack and no turnovers.  Meanwhile, the Cowboys sacked Jeff Kemp four times for 21 yards in losses and intercepted two passes.

In addition, the Eagles special teams were below par.  Rod Harris fumbled a kickoff return which cost a safety.  The Cowboys Kevin Martin returned a punt 85 yards for a touchdown.  So in two phases, special teams and defense, Dallas was clearly better and deserved to win.  This game ended Philadelphia’s six game winning streak and Dallas beat the Eagles for the first time in five years.  The loss eliminated Philadelphia from the playoffs.

Nevertheless, this was not the biggest loss of the season.  The back-to-back losses in New Orleans and Tampa were the daggers.

Week 16 Washington Redskins-Eagles won 24 to 22.

Otis Smith opened scoring with a 75 yard interception return.  The Eagles did nothing thereafter until the fourth quarter.   With Philadelphia behind 19 to 7, Jeff Kemp threw two touchdown passes .  Roger Ruzek kicked a 37 yard field goal with seconds left to win the game.    Washington got their second loss to finish 14-2.  This was another timt  Philadelphia defeated a Super Bowl Bound Champion.

Joe Gibbs had the  Redskins coasting  and used two quarterbacks.  Mark Rypien and Jeff Rutledge were horrible completing just 16 of 43 passes for 230 yards.  In addition to   Otis Smith’s interception,  the Eagles hawked two fumbles.  The biggest statistics-the Green Front Four recorded three sacks for 30 yard in losses.  The Redskin offensive, dubbed the Hogs, yielded only five prior to this game.

That’s how good the Redskins line was-just 1/2 average the entire.  And the last game was meaningless for Old DC.


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