1964 Packers & 1977 Steelers

Earlier I discussed the 1964 Green Bay Packers and their one big win of the season.  There are similarities between the 64 Packers and the 1977 Pittsburgh Steelers.

–for both teams it was the second of a two year break in their dynasties;

–both teams  had trouble beating the better teams which they played in the first part of the season.  Green Bay lost two games to the first place Baltimore Colts.  The Steelers lost games to the Colts, the Denver Broncos, and the Oakland Raiders.

–both teams could hone in on problem areas.  The Packers had below par placekicking and the Steelers had too many turnovers.

–Both of their big wins season came at home at almost the same time of the year . In 1964,  the 5-5 hosted the 8-1-1 Cleveland Browns.  In Pittsburgh the 5-4 Steelers hosted the great Dallas Cowboys who were 8-1.  Both Cleveland and Dallas went one to win NFL Titles.  The Cleveland Browns, at 10-3-1, at home defeated the Baltimore Colts 27 to 0.  In the Super Bowl in New Orleans, the Cowboys, 12-2,  defeated  Denver 27 to 10.

–Both Pittsburgh and Green Bay went on short winning streaks to salvage something from the season.  Pittsburgh finished 9-5, Green Bay 8-5-1.

Already discussed was  Cleveland at Green Bay, which the Packers won 28 to 21.  The Steelers had a real easy time with Dallas.

Franco Harris rushed for a career high 179 yards and scored touchdowns on runs of 61 and two yards.  With the running working,  Terry Bradshaw passed sparingly but effectively.  He went 7 for 12 for 106 yards and two touchdowns, one each to Lynn Swann and John Stalworth.  Defensive Back Jim Allen ran an interception back 48 yards to set up a touchdown.    The Steel Curtain sacked Roger Staubach three times for 29 yards in losses.  Pittsburgh in a breeze 28 to 13.

The Steelers lost the first round of the playoffs to the Denver Broncos 31 to 21.


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