Max McGee-Season Reserve 66 and 67

Max McGee played 15 years for the Green Bay Packers from 1952 to 1967.  McGee was versatile excelling at pass receiving  at both tight end and wide receiver; a good blocker; and he punted for about half of his time.  Check the statistics.  McGee was at Green Bay in both the lean and dynasty years.  The first two years of the Super Bowl, 1966 and 1967, were the last two of his career.  Aging and slowing but always ready, he played sparingly.  Look at what happened in both Super Bowls.

1966-McGee caught only four passes for 91 yards and one 39 yard touchdown the whole season.  In the NFL Title Game, Dallas safety Cornell Green,  twisted an airborn Boyd Dowler all the way around on a touchdown pass.  I don’t believe it was late hit.  From this,  Dowler was unable to play in Super Bowl.  Up stepped  Max McGee who caught seven passes for a rousing 135 yards and two touchdowns.  I think  Max McGee, instead of Bart Starr, should have been the game’s  MVP.  Final Green Bay 35 Kansas City Chiefs 10.

1967-Max McGee caught only three passes for 33 yards during the regular season.  However, in Super Bowl II, he caught one pass for a 35 yard gain.  Vince Lombardi always had a knack of surprising opponents with his reserves or recent acquisitions.   In Super Bowl II, Green Bay defeated the Oakland Raiders 33 to 14.   

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