Philadelphia in 94 and vs San Francisco

1994 began with great hope and the fizzled to a below .500 ending.  After nine games, the Philadelphia Eagles were 7-2; then they lost seven in a row.  Randall Cunningham seemed to fall off suddenly.  Rick Kotite replaced him with Bubby Brister for the final two games. Cunningham’s second half performance in 1994 makes me question if he should be among the top ten Eagles in history.  There were no big injuries which makes this nose dive even more puzzling.   The Front Office fired Kotite after the season.

There was one record that Hershel Walker set.  He became the first player  have 90+ yards on three plays in one season.  The Eagles lost all three games.  Walker

–caught a 93 yard pass from Randall Cunningham against the New York Giants;  Eagles lost 28 to 23.  He did not score a touchdown on this play.

–took a hand off from Randall Cunningham and went 91 yards for a touchdown against the Atlanta Falcons; Eagles lost 28 to 21.   This broke Wilbert Montgomery’s record of 90 yards as the longest run in Philadelphia history.  Wilbert’s run was also for a touchdown in a 35 to 14 victory in 1982 at Veterans Stadium.

–in the final game of the season,  returned a kickoff 94 yards for a touchdown vs. the Cincinnati; Eagles lost 33 to 30.

The season’s best game was the 40 to 8 victory over the San Francisco 49ers.  SF did not look like a Super Bowl team but wound up winning it.

After a BYE week, the 2-1 Eagles went to San Francisco, a 3-1 team.

Randall Cunningham completed 20 of 29 passes for 246 yards and two touchdowns.  Charlie Garner  carried 16 times for 111 yards and two touchdowns.  Turnrovers and sacks were big.   The Eagles recorded three sacks for 22 yards in losses and three turnovers.  The 49ers went blank in both categories.  Philadelphia 40 San Francisco 8.


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