Philadelphia-Not a Big College Football Town

Earlier I mentioned the first two reasons for the Passion of the Eagle fans:

–the absence of a dynasty in the television era, and

–only one winning season from 1962 to 1977, a period of great expansion and increased  exposure on television for the NFL.

I hinted earlier at the third reason when talking about the decline in importance of the Army-Navy Game. Though greater in this respect than New York City,  Philadelphia does not have a rich college football tradition.   Other cities such as Boston, Cleveland, Houston, Miami, and Phoenix,  have big name college teams in or very near their cities.  Consider this

Pennsylvania has one colossal college football player, Chuck Bednarick, in the pros.  Bednarick to me was the greatest all time Eagle.

Villanova has four-Brian Westbrook, Howie Long, Al Atkinson, and Mike Siani.

Temple is a work in progress of becoming a big college football school.  Minus any research, the only big names I can remember are Randy Grossman and Joe Kleko.  Maurice Johnson also played a short time for the Eagles.

Stemming from their play in the Fiesta Bowl,  Penn State has a bigger following here in Phoenix than in Philadelphia. Fans in Philadelphia channel almost all of their football interest into the professional game. This is another reason for the Passion of the Eagle fans.

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