Penn State in the Fiesta Bowl

During my time in Philadelphia, I did not notice much enthusiasm for Penn State.   The Nittany Lions did not seem to draw many fans in their games with Temple.  There was not much sports  talk about them.  Philadelphians reserved their interest for their pro team.  Penn State has a much bigger following in Harrisburg and Pittsburgh.

Here in the Valley of the Sun, it’s a different tale.   The Fiesta Bowl has grown  and has moved from other dates to New Years Day.  The bowl is now even with the Cotton, Orange, Rose, and Sugar Bowl.  This is many ways is a result of the growth of the Phoenix area.  Penn State has made the Fiesta Bowl into a major contest.  The current scandal is hitting had out here.  Here is the record of the Nittany Lions play in the Fiesta Bowl.  They have won all six.

1977 won Arizona State, 42 to 30

1980 won Ohio State, 35 to 19

1982 won Southern California, 26 to 10

1987 won Miami, 14 to 10

1992 won Tennessee, 42 to 17

1997 won Texas, 38 to 15.


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