More on Barry Goldwater

Many people referred to Barry Goldwater as an intellectual wash.  Goldwater admitted in later years that he was always ashamed of not having college degree.  He finished one year at the University of Arizona in Tucson when his father died.  After that Goldwater left school to manage the family chain of dry goods stores.  Goldwater’s  grew into a chain of department stores until one of the national outfits bought them out in the late 80s.

Managing this large, for its time, statewide chain gave him valuable experience.  Goldwater’s gained a reputation for his fairness with both customers and employees.  Barry Goldwater was very proud of maintaining his payrolls during the Great Depression.  During World War II, he was a supply pilot in the Pacific Theater but never saw actual combat.

After the war, Barry turned his attention toward building a Republican Party in Arizona and his own political career.  Goldwater also had the following credentials:

–licensed pilot,

–General in the Air Force Reserves,

–accomplished equestrian,


–historian of Arizona and New Mexico,

–ham radio operator,

–avid reader of history, literature, and philosophy

Ponder this if you go by his Memorial in Paradise Valley.


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