Paul Krause-In Canton But with One Flaw

Many believe a Defensive Back has a greater learning curve in the NFL than a quarterback.  Paul Krause disproved this in 1964,  his rookie  year with the Washington Redskins.  Krause led the league with 12 interceptions and returned them for 150 yards and a touchdown.  The Redskins traded him to the Minnesota Vikings for Pat Richter just before the 1968 season.  This was a very bad move.  Krause’s arrival in Minnesota coincided with the Vikings rise as a dominant team in the NFL.  Paul Krause was on the team that went to four Super Bowls.  When he retired after 1979 with 16 seasons,  Krause had the NFL record for interceptions with 81.  He returned them 1,185 yards for three touchdowns.  He also recovered 19 fumbles for 163 yards and three touchdowns.

Paul Krause had speed, great hands, and always seemed to be around the ball.  He never shied away from physical contact.  The Minnesota Vikings also utilized his great hands for holding the ball for field goals and extra points.  Paul Krause was  a three time All Pro and went to eight Pro Bowls.

Nevertheless, Paul Krause  had one flaw which delayed his entrance into the Hall of Fame for 19 years after his retirement.  Similar to Asante Samuel,  he was not a great tackler.  If an opposition runner got passed the front four or after a pass catch, they often could go a long way.


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