Quick Summary of the Reasons for the Passion of Eagle Fans

Let me summarize the reason I sprinkled through this blog for the above subject.

Drivers Related Only to Football

1.  Of the 22 teams existing in 1961, only four have no dynasties in the television era-Chicago Bears, Chicago-St Louis-Arizona Cardinals, the New York Jets once the Titans, and the Philadelphia Eagles.  Fans have no multi-year memories to hang their hat on.

2. The 1962 to 1977 period was one of great expansion for the NFL.  During these 16 years,  the Eagles had one winning season, one .500 season, and 14 losing seasons.  They were a joke team in the NFL.


Causes Related to United States and Philadelphia history.

All of us read how important Philadelphia was during the colonial period and after the revolution.  It was one of important cities in the world.  Since 1797, political compromises and the decline of certain industries have reduced the the city’s clout. Many regard it now as just a railroad stop between New York and Washington.   I am certain the events listed below play a part in the Passion of Eagle fans.

1. The movement of the State Capitol from Philadelphia to Lancaster in 1796.  The capitol moved to Harrisburg in 1812.

2. The political compromise moving the National Capitol from Philadelphia to Washington, DC.  The Federal Government formed this city on the banks of the Potomac River.

3. The political compromise that built a canal between Buffalo and Albany, NY.  This made New York City the major point of entry in the country-at Philadelphia’s expense.


Post 1945

4.   Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and San Francisco all lobbied to be the headquarters of the United Nations.  Nobody could match John D. Rockefeller’s tract of land on the East River.

5.  Athletics moved to Kansas City after the 1954 season.

6.  The decline in importance of the Army Navy game. It has even rotated among other cities.

7. The loss of major corporate headquarters-Pennsylvania Railroad, Sun Oil, and Atlantic Refining.

8. The drop in population from fourth to the six largest city in the country.

All of the above, some in subtle ways, contribute to the Passion of the Eagle fans.


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