Eddie George-Born in Philadelphia

The Houston Oilers drafted Eddie George from Ohio State in 1999.  The Oilers became the Tennessee Titans the following year.  In eight years with the Oilers/Titans, George gained 1,000 yards seven times.  He just missed that mark with 939 yards in 2001-mot by much.  In total for Tennessee,   Ed George gained 10,009 yards,  had a 3.7 yard average,  and scored 64 touchdowns.  A good receiver, EG caught 259 passes for 2,144 yards and ten touchdowns.

His best season in both areas was 2000.  George gained 1,509 yards and scored 14 touchdowns.   He also caught 50 passes for 453 yards and two touchdowns.  George made the Pro Bowl four times from 1997 to 2000 and was an All Pro in 2000.  He spent his ninth year, 2004, with the Dallas Cowboys but played sparingly.

Next to Earl Campbell, Eddie George was the greatest runner in Houston Oiler/ Tennessee Titan history.  And he was from Philadelphia.


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