Bethlehem-Schizophrenic City-The North Side

Bethlehem is very much a tale of two cities.  The North Side is dedicated to the American Frontier and the South Side to the Colossus of Steel.  Separating the two cities is the Lehigh River.  City powers  incorporated the two cities in 1917.  The Hill-to-Hill Bridge, running from Main Street to the South Side,  is the symbol of the unity. Three places are worth your time in North Bethlehem.

1. The Sun Inn

This small hotel and restaurant is open for tours as well.  On my tour,  an intelligent twelve year old did the honors.  He did very well and the experience  gained no doubt is helping  him now, wherever he is.  During the revolutionary period,  George Washington, Marquis de  Lafayette, and Benjamin Franklin  stayed here.

2. The Moravian Industrial Works

From its beginning Bethlehem focused on industry not agriculture.   This multi-acre park  was the center of city’s economy.  Monocacy Creek moves at a rapid pace until it flows into the Lehigh River less than a mile away.    Monocacy provided the power for the Industrial Works.    The buildings here are the meeting house, a blacksmith, and a gristmill. This is a great place on a nippy Autumn  day.  Overlooking the works is the recently renovated

3. Hotel Bethlehem

I have not been at this facility after it closed and Radission Corporation took over.   Bethlehem Steel  one time owned the place.  Before its renovation,  the hotel  had a real 40s style charm.  I loved both the Continental Room and the Pioneer Tavern.  The Pioneer section  had seven beautiful murals depicting the history of the city.  With the new setup, the murals are now in another area. I will detail these murals later.


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