Sonny Jurgensen vs Eagles in 1964

Joe Kuharich, within a few weeks of becoming the Eagles’ head coach,  traded Sonny Jurgensen to the Washington Redskins for Norman Snead.  This was in April of 1964.  It was a straight swap of quarterbacks that most Eagle fans did not like.  For 1964,  the anger was justified, though not evident at first.

Losers of their first five games, the Redskins at DC Stadium played the 2-3 Eagles.  Sonny Jurgensen completed  22 of 33 passes for 385 yards and five touchdowns.  Bobby Mitchell was his favorite target catching 12 passes for 183 yards and two touchdowns.  For Philadelphia, Timmy Brown carried 14 times for 101 yards and two touchdowns.  This kept the game close.  Final Washington 35 Philadelphia 20.

A few weeks later Washington won at Franklin Field with defense the big factor.  The Eagles yielded three sacks, three  interceptions, and three fumbles.   The final score was 21 to 10.

Both clubs were 6-8 in 1964 with the Redskins finishing stronger.  The records were better for both teams than the previous year.  In 1963,  Redskins were 3-11 and Philadelphia 2-10-2.   Fans obviously consider the Redskins the better team in 1964 because of the head-on results.


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