Bethlehem-Schizophrenic City-The South Side

Just as North Bethlehem is from the American Frontier so South Bethlehem is the one time Colossus of Steel.  The Hill to Hill Bridge is the symbols of unity between the two sides.   Going over the bridge the first thing noticed is the

Lehigh Canal.  A towpath makes for a great walk on an Autumn Day

Reading Railroad Passenger Station.  This is the most depressing sight in the Lehigh Valley.   An iron fence surrounds this once busy station that carried passengers to and from Philadelphia.   It is falling apart and a real blight on South Bethlehem.  Hopefully  rail service between Bethlehem and Philadelphia will begin, the station renovated, and become a busy showcase.

Bethlehem Steel Works.  Steel mills always look dirty and grimy.  Not so here.  Bethlehem Steel always well maintained its headquarters works.  The place to me gave a real sense of romance to our industrial age.  As business declined, the company torn down parts of the plant no longer in use.  I understand that the city is planning a large museum as a reminder of Bethlehem’s past history.

South Mountain.  A drive up this area gives a view of the entire city.


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