Verses NFC East Teams Since the Super Bowl

Since the Super Bowl year, this is how the Eagles look against their NFC East opponents.  Hurting the history is the 2005 season when Philadelphia lost all six games. Despite just a .500 record in 2011, the Eagles won five of six games against  NFC East teams.

Dallas Cowboys-Winning both games in 2011 made this series even at 7-7.   Included here is the 14 to 13 loss in the last regular season game in 2010 when the Eagles were coasting.  In addition to this record, the Eagles lost a first round playoff at Dallas in 2009 with a 34 to 14 final.

New York Giants-As with Dallas, the Eagles are 7-7 against the Giants.  In addition, the Eagles won two playoff games against New York 23 to 20 in 2006 at Philadelphia and 23 to 11 in 2008 at the Meadowlands.

Washington Redskins-The Eagles are 8-6 here winning two games in 2011.

Total record is 22-20 and 2-1 in the playoffs.  I would like to go back to the 2001 to 2004 timeframe when the Eagles dominated the Division.


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