1979 Los Angeles Rams-Super Bowl

After 11 weeks,  Los Angeles was  5-6.   Most analyst felt their best years were behind them.  There was the frustration of losing to the Dallas Cowboys or the Minnesota Vikings in the playoffs.   The Rams often had a better record and defeated one or the other during the season.  The 5-6 record included  the following:

Week 4 at Tampa Bay

Jim Youngblood for the Rams returned an interception for a touchdown and the extra point failed.  The Buccaneer defense pitched  a shut out.  The Rams gained only 186 yards all day and gave up the ball four times.  Tampa Bay 21 Los Angeles 6.  The loss left the Rams at 2-2 and the Bucs a perfect 4-0.

Week 7 at Dallas

Roger Staubach completed 13 of 18 passes for 176 yards and three touchdowns.  Tony Dorsett gained 103 yards.  The Cowboys’ defense got  five sacks and three turnovers.  All the Rams managed was two field goals.  The lopsided  30 to 6 loss left the Rams 4-3  and  Dallas 6-1.

After going 5-6 the Los Angeles Rams won four  in a row. The final regular season game was an exhibition type loss to the New Orleans Saints.  At 9-7, the Rams had their worst season in seven years.    ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

Los Angeles Rams at Dallas-First Round of the Playoffs

Dallas was a heavy favorite based on their 11-5 record to the Rams  9-7.  The Cowboys also had an easy time defeating Los Angeles in their last two meetings. 

The previous years’ NFC Title Game 28 to 0.

The regular season game this year 30 to 6.

Today the Rams Wendell Tyler gained 82 yards.  Vince Ferragamo threw three touchdown passes.  The last one was to Billy Waddy for a 50 yard touchdown. Rams in a big upset 21 to 19.

Los Angeles at Tampa Bay.

Tampa Bay was 10-6 and, as stated, had beaten the Rams 21 to 6 during the season.  This game Los Angeles held the Bucs to an only amazing 177 yards and seven first downs.  Frank Corral kicked three goals.  Cullen Byrant chewed  up the clock with 107 yards.   The Rams won a shut out 9 to 0.


The Rams went to the Super Bowl with a flip flop of previous years.  They defeated, both on the road, two teams  with better records and that had beaten them during the season. 


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