Revenge Over Carolina

One of the darker days in Philadelphia Eagles playoff history was the 14 to 3 loss to the above team at home in the 2003 NFC Championship Game.  I never thought this game would be easy. In a way, the Eagles won the regular season match by default.  Philadelphia won  25 to 16, also at Lincoln, one month earlier.   The normally accurate John Kasay for the Panthers missed three field goals and an extra point.

In the Post Season, Carolina recorded five sacks and four pass interceptions, three by Ricky Manning.  To my biased eyes, it seemed like the officials ignored at least eight defensive holding penalties on Carolina. There was also the cruel spearing of a prostrate Donovan McNabb on the field goal drive.  It was and is against the rules to torpedo a player when he is down even if not by contact.  This past year at Dallas,  Anthony Spencer drew a flag for a similar hit on Jeremy Maclin.

The three victories since then seem better largely because of the 2003 game.

2004 at Lincoln

The Eagles recorded two sacks and four turnovers. Lito Shepard had two interceptions, one returned 64 yards for a touchdown. Terrell Owens caught four passes for 123 yards. Brian Westbrook ran 40 yards for a touchdown.  Philadelphia 30 Carolina 8.

2006 at Lincoln

This game started the great five game winning streak where the Eagles came back from 5-6 to finish  10-6.  Jeff Garcia completed 21 of 39 passes for 312 yards and three touchdowns.  Brian Dawkins had two pass interceptions. Lito Shepard’s End Zone interception preserved the victory. Philadelphia 27 Carolina 24.

2009 at Carolina

Carolina took the opening kickoff and moved right down the field for a touchdown.  After that, the Eagles gave up virtually nothing.  They got seven turnovers and five sacks.  In shotgun formation, the snap went over Jack Delhomme’s head. Victor Abiamiri covered it in the end zone for a touchdown.  Desean Jackson had a touchdown on an 85 yard punt retrun. Philadelphia 38 Carolina 10.


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