Corporate Headquarters but Only One President

With all the corporate headquarters in Pennsylvania, it might see odd that only one President and one Defeated Presidential Nominee came from the Keystone State.   Pennsylvania borders on both New York and Ohio.  Both  states have more political pull.  I will discuss the reason for the pre eminence of these two states before 1952 later.   The only President from Pennsylvania was James Buchanan, a Democrat from Lancaster, who served the one term prior to Abraham Lincoln.  Earlier I talked about Winfield Scott Hancock, a Democrat from Norristown. Hancock barely lost to James Garfield in 1880.

Here is a list of corporate headquarters in Pennsylvania.  Some have since moved or gone out of business.

PITTSBURGH  always had headquarters out of proportion to its size


Clark Candy Corporation

Gulf Research


Pittsburgh Plate Glass/Pittsburgh Paints

United States Steel




Rite Aid


Atlantic Refining Company

Curtis Publishing

Pennsylvania Railroad

Sun Oil Company


Bethlehem Steel

Norfolk and Western

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