Jim Lemming and Jack Klugman

I would like to see more of the NFL highlights from the Jim Lemming era.  That background march,  the hum of the crowd, and Lemming’s alliterations were somewhat limited considering today’s technology;  but they are good nostalgia.


Jack Klugman is now around 90 and was born in 1922 in Philadelphia. His log list of credits are on wikipedia but his roles in one movie and one television series to me were very special.

Twelve Angry Men-Klugman was Juror Number 4.  He apparently is somewhat successful given his good manners,  articulate speech, and dress.  He was, however, born in a very rough crime ridden  area and, to his credit, never forgot his roots.  Klugman is sympathetic and objective at the same to the accused, an 18 year charged with murdering his father.

Blacklist-This was an episode of the critically acclaimed TV series the Defenders.  Klugman played  Joe Larch, a blacklisted movie star who now can only sell shoes.  This episode shows difficult  blacklisting is to prove in court.  More than due process of law defeating blacklisting requires a respect for the constitution and the right to hold unpopular ideas.

Let me talk more about the Defenders later.


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