Defeating the Super Bowl Champion-1999

It seemed odd having a BYE right before the last game of the season.  That was the case in 1999 when the 4-11 Philadelphia Eagles at Veterans Stadium played the 13-2 St Louis Rams.  The Rams outgained the Eagles in total yards by a whopping 440 to 207.  Nevertheless,  St. Louis was coasting having locked up the playoffs, the BYE week,  and the home field advantage.  They were playing the second string.  Joe Germaine relieved Kurt Warner at quarterback and Marshall Faulk carried just six times.

Even the best teams can be disjointed with substitutes.   This fact, plus a great Eagle defensive effort, won the game for Philadelphia.  The Eagles intercepted four passes.  Both Al Harris and Mike Mamula returned their interceptions for a touchdown.  The team also had five sacks for 38 yards and recovered three fumbles.  Sometimes total yards gains become meaningless and that was the case in this game.

Donovan  McNabb showed maturity going 15 for 32 for 179 yards and two touchdowns.  The Eagles held off the St Louis Rams 38 to 31.  Philadelphia finished at 5-11 two games better than 1998.  The Eagles gave fans some hope for the future.  The St. Louis Rams defeated the Tennessee Titans 23 to 16 in the Super Bowl.


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