Elections 1869 to 1948-Dominance of Ohio and New York

With the two subjects states dominating, Pennsylvania  did not have much of a chance of sending a man to the White House. In spite of the number from Ohio, I still regard Robert A. Taft as the greatest historical figure in that state’s  history.


1869 Ulysses S. Grant (R-OHIO) defeated Governor Horatio Seymour (D-NEW YORK )

1872 Ulysses  S. Grant (R-OHIO) defeated Horace Greeley (D and LIBERAL-R NEW YORK )

1876 Rutherford B. Hayes (R-OHIO) defeated Samuel Tilden (D-NEW YORK).  This was a rigged election.

1880 James A. Garfield (R-OHIO) defeated Winfield Scott Hancock (D-Pa).  Four months after taking office, Charles J. Guiteau shot President Garfield.  Vice President Chester A. Arthur  from NEW YORK, assumed the Presidency.

1884-Governor Grover Cleveland (D-NEW YORK) defeated House Speaker James J. Blaine (R-Me).

1888-Benjamin Harrison(R-OHIO/INDIANA) defeated Grover Cleveland (D-NEW YORK). Cleveland got more popular votes but lost the Electoral College.

1892-Grover Cleveland (D-NEW YORK) defeated Benjamin Harrison(R-OHIO/INDIANA)

1896-William McKinley (R-OHIO) defeated William Jennings Bryan (D-Nebraska)

1900-William McKinley (R-OHIO) defeated William Jennings Bryan (D-Nebraska).  For this second term, McKinley chose Theodore Roosevelt (R-NEW YORK) for Vice President.  Leon F. Czolgosz assassinated President McKinley in Buffalo, NY  on September 6, 1901.  TR became president.

1904-Both nominees were from NEW YORK.  President Roosevelt (R) defeated Judge Alton Parker (D).  Roosevelt won a term in his own right.

1908-Roosevelt handpicked his Secretary of War William Howard Taft (R-OHIO) for the Presidential Nomination.  Taft easily defeated William Jennings Bryan (D-Nebraska).

1912-Returning from a trip to Africa and Europe,  Theodore Roosevelt found discontent in the Republican Party. He challenged Taft for the Presidential Nomination without success.  Undaunted, Roosevelt formed a Progressive Party and ran for President.  Woodrow Wilson (New Jersey)  got the Democratic Nomination.    Wilson carried 40 states but only 40% of the popular vote defeating President Taft (R-OHIO) and Roosevelt (Prog-NEW YORK).

1916-President Woodrow Wilson, now facing a united Republican Party,  narrowly won re-election over  Charles Evans Hughes.  Hughes  resigned  from the Supreme Court to run for President.  This man, by a whisker missed becoming the President.  He had also been Governor of  NEW YORK.

1920-Both Presidential nominees were from OHIO.  Senator Warren Harding (R) defeated Governor James M. Cox (D).

1928-Herbert Hoover, the Republican, defeated Governor Al Smith,{ D- NEW YORK}.  After Hoover’s wife died in 1944, the former President moved to NEW YORK.

1932-Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt (D-New York) defeated President Herbert Hoover (R) for President.

1936-President Roosevelt (D-NEW YORK) won reelection over Alfred M. Landon.

1940-President Roosevelt (D-NEW YORK) won reelection over Wendell Wilkie (R-Indiana)

1944-President  Roosevelt (D-NEW YORK) won reelection over Governor Thomas Dewey (R-NEW YORK).  Dewey’s running mate was Governor John Bricker (OHIO).

1948-In a big upset, President  Truman (D-Mo) won reelection over Governor Thomas Dewey (R-NEW YORK).


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