Frankie Albert-First Southpaw QB

We have been used to seeing left hand quarterbacks such as Ken Stabler, Steve Young, and Micheal Vick.  The first was Frankie Albert.  At Stanford, Albert played for Clark Shaughnessy, who originated the T formation and forward pass.  Albert played for the San Francisco Forty Niners for seven years, four in the All America Conference (1946-1949)  and three in the NFL (1950-1952).

He led the AAFC in touchdown passes with 29 in 1948 and 27 in 1949.  Albert made it to the Pro Bowl in 1950, his team’s first year in the NFL.  For his career, Albert completed 831 passes for a 53.1% rate; 10,975 yards; 115 touchdowns; and 98 interceptions.  These were the days before specialization and Frankie Albert was also the 49ers punter.  Albert punted 299 times for 12,866 yards and a 43 yard average.

Later the 49ers Head Coach, Frankie Albert has a place in NFL history.


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