Versatile Herb Adderley

Previous mentioned was Hall of Famer Herb Adderley and his play as a defensive back.   He played in two Super Bowls each with the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys.  Adderly was also a great special teams player.  He ran back 120 kickoffs in his time for 3,080 yards and two touchdowns.  In addition, Adderley blocked two field goals, both in 1963, which basically won the game for the Packers.

At Minnesota-Late in the game the Packers were trailing the Vikings 30 to 28.  Fred Cox was lining up for a chip shot 10 yard field.  This, fans thought, would be the Vikings first victory ever over the Packers.  Herb Adderley cleanly blocked the ball.  Hank Gremminger, also a defensive back , picked up the ball and ran 80 yards for a touchdown.  This was an 10  point play.  Instead of trailing by one, Green Bay won by nine.  Green Bay 37 Minnesota 28.

At Home vs. Pittsburgh.  Green Bay was leading 9 to 7 as the Steelers attempted a 40 yard field goal.  This was on the last play of the first half.  Adderley deflected both the ball and any momentum Pittsburgh had.  Green bay 33 Pittsburgh 14.


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