Steve Van Buren

On the Eagles Blog today, noted is the death of Eagle rate and Hall of Famer Steve Van Buren.  He lived a healthy old age at 91.

Van Buren was on the team that had the one Eagles dynasty, 1947 to 1950.  That lone dynasty, before the age of television partly explains the passion of Philadelphia fans.  I have an old magazine published before the 1958 season.  That was the first season of the move from Connie Mack Stadium to Franklin Field.  Let’s call that time a benchmark in Philadelphia Eagles history.  Steve Van Buren had the following NFL records:

–First in Most Attempts in a Career-1,320-Eight Seasons from 1944 to 1951;

–Second in Most Attempts in a Season-263-1949-gained 1,146 yards-4.4 yard average;

–Second in Most Attempts in a Game-35-1949-gained 174 yards-5.0 yard average;

–Most Yards Gained in a Career-5,860-in 1,320 attempts-Eight Seasons from 1944 to 1951;

–Most Yards Gained in a Season-1,146-1949-in 263 attempts; 4.4 yard average;

–Second in Most Touchdowns in a Career-77-Eight Seasons; 1944-1951;

–Most  Touchdowns in One Seasons-18-1945;

Steve Van Buren took the trolley to Shibe Park for the Eagle games.   Three teams played at the Park, later known as Connie Mack Stadium-the A’s, the Phillies, and the Eagles.  I am surprised at the relative seclusion he kept in retirement.  As I recall,  Van Buren had part ownership in the Starlight Ballroom in Kensington.   The Eagles Blog named him among the ten best Eagles of All Time.   Steve Van Buren played at Louisiana State.


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