Doug Atkins

The subject player was the first big Defensive End in the NFL.  Doug Atkins at 6’8″ and 257 pounds was an imposing sight.  He played from 1953 to 1969;  two years with the Cleveland Browns, 12 years with the Chicago Bears, and three years with the New Orleans Saints.  Atkins went to the Pro Bowl eight times and was an All Pro once.  DA  in his career intercepted three passes, recovered 11 fumbles for 34 yards in returns,  and scored a safety.

Doug Atkins never had a touchdown, which all defensive players treasure.  Ironically, he narrowly missed one in the final game of his career.  The Steelers came into New Orleans, blew a 14 to 0 lead, and lost 27 to 24.  In the second quarter Steeler running back Dick Hoak fumbled at the Pittsburgh 24.  The ball went right in front of Atkins with a clear path to the End Zone.  He saw a swan song.  Atkins had visions dancing in his head and kicked the ball.  This drew of course a 15 yard penalty and the Steelers kept the ball.

Doug Atkins went into the Hall of Fame in 1982.


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