Andy Reid-Brian Westbrook-Playoffs or Bust

In just about any profession, a person can extend their time using the past as justification.  This is no longer the case for Andy Reid.  The feeling is that the Philadelphia Eagles must at least go far in the playoffs for him to keep his job.  Three games are ghosts from the past haunting  him.

The 2008 NFC Championship Game at Arizona-Eagles lost 32 to 25.

Fans can say, and rightly so,  that the defense did not hold off the Cardinals off one last time.  Even more important was the almost three quarters it took for the Eagles offense to heat up.  Brian Westbrook did nothing in this game nor in the playoff victory against the Giants one week earlier.  I do not know how healthy he was.

The 2009 losses 13 to 9 at Oakland and 20 to 16 at Lincoln with the Dallas Cowboys.

In both games, the Eagles pulled to within four points by kicking a field goal with five minutes left; but as with Arizona previously mentioned, the defense could not stop the opponent one final time.   Six sacks were the problem with Oakland and Brian Westbrook missed the Dallas Cowboys game.

There is no question that the Eagles should have

–gone  to the Super Bowl against the Pittsburgh Steelers in 08;

–had the home field advantage, the BYE week, and maybe even practice for week 17  in 2009.


Counting the playoffs, the Philadelphia Eagles have played 85 games the past five years.   These three losses, or 3.5% of the games, have put Andy Reid in a steam cabinet; and two or at the most three plays were the difference in each.  The entire game is like being in a pressure cooker.   Like the heat here in the summer, it never lets up.


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