Sunday’s Game at Arizona

We all remember the loss at Arizona in the NFC Championship four years ago. Last year at Lincoln Financial Field , the 21 to 17 loss to the Cardinals was one of the games that kept the Eagles out of the playoffs.  I did not feel that Micheal Vick was entirely healthy for last year’s game.  He threw for only 134 yards and there was no consistency to the offense.  Asante Samuel made the game’s first score with a 20 yard return of an interception for a touchdown.  Joselio Hanson muffed an interception on the Cardinals winning touchdown drive at the Eagle five.  There was no one standing in front of Hanson.  The announcer said with that open field he could have gone 95 yards for a touchdown.  That may be one reason why JH is no longer an Eagle.

Arizona Quarterback John Skelton, despite two interceptions, completed 21 passes for 315 yards and three touchdowns.  Eagles nemesis Larry Fitzgerald caught seven passes for 146 yards and  two touchdowns.  I just hope the Eagles remember what the Cardinals have done to them these last two games; being so close to winning makes these losses hurt even more.


Right now in Phoenix, it feels like the Twilight Zone. The mornings  and  evenings are cool but the highs are still at 100.  The Sun is like faucet which turns the heat off and on.


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