Losing 27 to 6 to Arizona

When  teams commit turnovers, they either correct the problem or it catches up with them in a big way.  This happened with the two year end losses to Dallas in 09 and yesterday here in the Valley of the Sun.  A fumble on a punt return led to a touchdown.  The fumble by Micheal Vick at the  end of the first half was a 14 point play.  Instead of trailing 17 to 7 at halftime it was 24 to 0 and Philadelphia never recovered.

Things improved in the second half.   The defense stopped the Cardinals until that last drive for a field goal.  Just about everything  collapsed on that fourth quarter series.   Much to my surprise,  Arizona converted two third and 20 plays.  The defense for the entire game was a big disappointment.    When Kevin Kolb played for the Eagles, he was prone to interceptions.  I though the Eagles would nab two and maybe even three passes.  Kolb really cut up the secondary in the first half.

Just like last year at home,  the Cardinals scored a touchdown on a botched interception.  Last year it was Julio Hanson and this year DeMico Ryans.  It was a matter of inches in both cases that cost Philadelphia seven points.  Unknown is how long Andy Reid will stay with Micheal Vick at quarterback.  In any event, Vick cannot last a full  year taking this kind of pounding.  The second string Eagle should be able to hit the ground running, or in this case passing.

I also believe that the team was looking past the Cardinals to the game this Sunday Night with the New York Giants.  This may be understandable but still inexcusable.  During the season, there should be no long range planning with one exception-a team having the home field advantage and the BYE week before the season is over.  This happened to the Eagles in 2004.


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