Subways in Harrisburg

On Market Square in downtown Harrisburg in 1971, I asked someone  the location of the Patriot News Building.  This person told me walk east to the Market Street Subway and newspaper building was just beyond.  I asked why the word subway.  It was the railroad underpass on Market Street right next to the train station.  The subway is about 25 yards in length, has 24 hour lighting, and concrete pillars to protect pedestrians from wayward traffic.  It is a smaller version of the Schuylkill River underpass in front of 30th Street Station.

Harrisburg, ninth in population among Pennsylvania cities, is very much a hybrid city.  It is beyond the Central Pennsylvania Bible Belt yet not in the North Eastern Urban Corridor. I guess the reason Harrisburgers coined  the word subway was to appear more metropolitan.  Just north several several blocks is the Herr Street Subway.  This again is a railroad underpass at Seventh and Herr Street but not as well known.  Nevertheless, the Subway Cafe is on Herr Street on the other side of the railroad tunnel going away from town.  The Cafe has been a fixture in Harrisburg for over 50 years.

The word subway takes a while to get used to while visiting Harrisburg.


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