Tommy McDonald

Tommy McDonald, from Oklahoma,  played with the Philadelphia Eagles from 1957 to 1963.  There were the bad times, the NFL Championship in 1960, and some bad times again before the Eagles traded him to Dallas after the 1963 season.  During his years with Philadelphia, Tommy caught 287 passes,  for 5,500 yards, and 13 touchdowns.  He also returned kickoffs and punts for a total of 1,442 yards.  Philadelphia  fans voted him among the 10 great all time Eagles a few years back.

After 1963 season, the Eagles traded him to the Dallas Cowboys for Punter and Place Kicker Sam Baker. 1964 was the only year McDonald did any damage to his former team.   Anyway, the Eagles won both games in 1964, something they would do to Dallas for 24 years.

At Dallas-TMD caught seven passes for 99 yards.  Eagles won 17 to 14.

At Franklin Field-TMD caught four passes for 53 yards and a touchdown.  Eagles rallied for 17 fourth quarter points and won 24 to 14.

Tommy McDonald never spent long in any city after leaving Philadelphia.

1965 to 1966 Los Angeles Rams

1967 Atlanta Falcons

1968 Cleveland Browns (Our Archrival)

Tommy McDonald made six Pro Bowls, five with Philadelphia.  He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1998.


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