Renovation of Divine Lorraine

This is very good for history lovers and for the economics of North  Philadelphia. The Divine  Lorraine, originally just the Lorraine, is one of Philadelphia’s  most historic buildings.  It was long a fancy place for apartment dwellers before Father Divine bought it in the 40s.  That red letter marquee, DIVINE LORRAINE HOTEL, was visible from all over the city.

All cities grow primarily for business, trade, and the exchange of services.  I believe that cities founded for political ideals, in addition to economics,  have  a greater sense of history.  This includes Boston, Providence, Bethlehem, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.  Historical tours of these cities  take weeks and call for advance planning.

As I earlier stated next for investors should be the Metropolitan Opera House and the two train stations-North Philadelphia at Broad and  Glenwood and the Broad Street station at Broad and Lehigh.


The long vacant Divine Lorraine Hotel in North Philadelphia is one step closer to a comeback, this time as a destination for renters. Developer Eric Blumenfeld has picked up the title to the Divine Lorraine at a sheriff’s sale price of just over $8 million. His plan is to convert the abandoned landmark into a high-rise apartment complex of 126 units, including some subsidized apartments for low-income residents.  Shops for foodies will line the ground floor level.

Blumenfeld has already left his mark on a couple of other buildings in the area, but the development of the decaying 118-year-old Divine Lorraine is considered to key to revitalizing the North Broad Street corridor. “Now it’s coming upscale,” says Shankur Donepudi, who owns a nearby pharmacy, “and I think you can pretty much see it’s a little bit safer now, it’s a very good neighborhood. And that building will give us good exposure, with all kinds of people walking around. It’ll be nice.”


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