Western Pennsylvania-The Nile River of Football IV-Border and Deep South

The following three Western Pennsylvanian played at these schools.


1. George Blanda-from New Stanton.  I have spoken about him before and will again.  There have been more accurate placekickers and more accurate passers.  No one  has done better at the two combined than GB.  In 1970, fans realized what a clutch performer he really was.  Very inspirational for older Americans.

2. Doug Kotar-Canonsburg-Dependable running back for New York Giants.   Cancer claimed him at an early age.


3. Joe Namath-Beaver Falls-George Blanda helped keep fans interested in the America Football League in its early years.  Joe Namath gave it credibility.  First, he signed with the New York Jets in 1965.  Three years later,  his team gave the AFL  parity by defeating the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III, 16 to 7. Broadway Joe threw bullets despite weak knees.  Lacking mobility, he speed read the entire field and completed passes.


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