Western Pennsylvania-The Nile River of Football-Penn State

1. Bob Mitinger-Greensburg-Even the sound of his last name is haunting; played both tight end and linebacker in the early sixties; great in 1961 Gator Bowl,  the 30 to 15 win over Georgia; played linebacker for the San Diego Chargers; after his playing days joined with his father in law practice in Greensburg; firm was appropriately Mitinger and Mitinger; untimely death in 2004.

2. Bruce Clark-New Castle-played for the Kansas City Chiefs-teamed with Mitt Millen  to form a great combination in the 1978 team.

3. Dick Hoak-Jeanette. Outstanding play in the Liberty Bowl in 1960 prompted the Pittsburgh Steelers to draft him;  played both quarterback and running back for Penn State; played 10 years with the Steelers from 1961 to 1970; good dependable running back;  mentioned earlier was his threat on the pass option play; similar to Dan Reeves at Dallas or Tom Matte at Baltimore; NFL’s fourth leading rusher and played in the Pro Bowl in 1968.

4. Fran Rogel-Braddock-with the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1950 t0 1957; the first of a parade of running backs that came from Penn State; Hi Diddle Diddle Rogel Up the Middle.

5. Jack Ham-Johnstown-All American at Penn State and in the Pro football Hall of Fame .  I don’t need to say anymore about a mainstay of the 70s Pittsburgh Steeler dynasty.

6. Jim Laslovic-Etna-played for San Diego and Detroit.

7. John Skorupan-Beaver The Scorpion played linebacker for the Buffalo Bills and New York Giants.

8. Matt Millen-Whitehall-Journeyman linebacker for Green Bay, Oakland, San Francisco, and Washington.

9. Rich Milot-Coraopolos-Good linebacker who played for the Washington Redskins.

10. Ted Kwalick-McKees Rocks. The greatest tight end Penn State history; on the 1968 undefeated team; played with the San Francisco 49ers and later with Hawaii in the short lived World Football League.


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