Bill Nelson in 1969 with the Cleveland Browns

Bill Nelson had an even better year in 1969 and earned a spot in the Pro Bowl.  He completed 190 passes for a 54% completion rate; for 2,743 yards and 23 touchdowns. The Cleveland  Browns easily won the Century Division at 10-3-1. The Dallas Cowboys easily won the Capitol Division at 11-2-1.  On the surface, Dallas looks like the better team but let’s go further.

Week 7 at Cleveland

The Cowboys had won their first six game and the Browns were 4-1-1.  Browns had their best effort going on both sides of the line.  Cleveland got six sacks for 88 yards, intercepted three passes, and recovered three fumbles.  Bill Nelson completed 18 of 25 passes for 255 yards and five touchdowns. Milt Morin caught seven passes for 101 yards.  The Browns defeated Dallas 42 to 10.

Eastern Conference Playoff at Dallas

The Browns  intercepted  two passes. Walt Sumner returned an interception 88 yards for a touchdown.  Nelson completed 20 of 29 passes for 254 yards and a touchdown.  Paul Warfield caught eight passes for 99 yards. The Browns over  the Cowboys 38 to 14.

Bill Nelson passed the Dallas Cowboys dizzy in 1969.  A one time Steeler.


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