Yesterday’s Loss 30 to 17 to Atlanta

Andy Reid is no doubt having problems staying focused on this season rather than his future in Philadelphia.   Three past losses  in the Post Season are haunting him.  Victories in these games might have given him additional credibility to stay on-the 27 to 24 loss to New Orleans in 06; the biggest was the 33 to 25 loss to Arizona in the NFC Championship Game in 08; and the 21 to 16 loss to Green Bay in 10.

Atlanta was the better team yesterday.  However, if any fan believes in momentum changing  plays,  look at these three.

1} On the first series, Fletcher Cox just missed an interception that had an easy route into the End Zone.

2} DeMeco Ryans also just missed an interception on the Falcons’ drive for a field goal late in the first half.

3}  If memory serves, this third play was almost a repeat of what happened with Detroit.  An Atlanta Linebacker barely tipped a screen pass to Jeremy  Maclin at midfield.   Maclin had clear field on front of him.

If these plays go the Eagles way perhaps, the outcome would have been different.


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