Tales of the Texas Rangers

Joel McCrea as Ranger Jayce Pearson had the lead role in the radio version of the subject series.  It was, to my knowledge, the last of the radio westerns to transition to television.  For the role of Jayce Pearson, Screen Gems chose Willard Parker.  Parker,  born in Manhattan, was a star on the Broadway Theater. From there he did Grade B action films, mostly of them set  in the Old West.  Tall, lean, and  handsome, Willard Parker fit the cowboy mold very well.  His big breakthrough in the movies came in the 1953 musical Kiss Me Kate.

In that film, Parker played  Tex Callaway, the cowboy that wanted to marry Kathryn Grayson.  Willard did very well. I don’t if that prompted Screen Gems to get him for the Tales of Texas Rangers. One difference from radio was the addition of a partner named Clay Morgan.  For this character, the SG chose Harry Lauter.  Lauter was one of the most recognized faces in both movies and television.  His appearances are too many list.  Tales of Texas Rangers was Harry Lauter’s only starring role.

The show opened and closed with about 20 Rangers marching through Haydentown, New Mexico.  Movie actor Russell Hayden set up this “town” and it became the location for many western movies. The Texas Rangers marched to the tune of The Eyes of Texas are Upon You  with different words.  The twist to this western was unique; some episodes were in Post Civil War Texas and others were Cops and Robbers set in the fifties.  It showed the methods of crime detection appropriate to each period .  There were 52 programs first on CBS on Saturday mornning  and then on ABC in prime time.  Of the 52 programs, 39 are available from various dealers.  SONY Corporation owns the rights to the series.  With some interest, they could release the remaining 13.  I would appreciate some help.

These are the titles of the 13 fims that SONY holds:

Quarter Horse

Whirlwind Raiders

Bandits of El Dorado

Jail Bird


Last Days of Boot Hill

Double Edge

Buckaroo from Powder River


Key Witness

Traitor’s Gold


Midway Kewpie


Last Night Loss to Carolina 30 to 22

Last night’s loss to Carolina was another exercise in blown coverage, an inconsistent pass rush, and turnovers.  Bryce Brown had a great night but his two fumbles were very costly. Cam Newton gave them fits both running and passing.


Some fans are comparing this year and looking at 2011 with sense of nostalgia. The Eagles did win their last four games and beat their archrival Dallas twice.  It was still only a .500 season with lots of disappointment.  Again I point to the Philadelphia going to only one Super Bowl.  Fans are looking back on the past years under Andy Reid as “glory days”. There were some great wins but no dynasty associated with that term.

The 2012 Election Compared with History

If you compare the 2004 Presidential Election to 2000; and 2012 to 2008, there is not much electoral change.


George Bush carried 30 states.

Al Gore carried 20 states and DC.


George Bush carried 31 states

John Kerry carried 19 states and DC

John Kerry took New Hampshire the second time but lost Iowa and New Mexico-net loss of one state for the Democrats.


Barack Obama carried 28 states and DC

John McCain carried 22 states


Barack Obama carried 26 states and DC

Mitt Romney carried 24 states.

North Carolina and Indiana went Republican in 2012 after voting for Obama in 2008

Since 1900, the only other times that an incumbent President won re-election by declining majorities were anomalies  that will not happen again.   Not the results for Franklin Roosevelt below.

1932-won 42 states and 57% of the popular vote.

1936-won 46 states and 60% of the popular vote.

1940-won 38 states and 55% of the popular vote

1944-won 36 states and 52% of the popular vote.

Monday Night at New Orleans and Dallas- Reading Beer

Andy Reid had so many things go wrong Monday night.  With  Atlanta there were three plays in the first half that should have gone the Eagles way.  With New Orleans just about everything went wrong.  Both lines played terrible and, in most cases, that is where the problem starts.   There were Red Zone failures and turnovers.   We all expected more from such a bad defense as New Orleans.

Right now, the Eagles nightmares are loaded with  DeMarcus Ware.   Last year  the Philadelphia Eagles played two almost perfect games against Dallas and Ware still had some notable plays.  The Birds nearly missed a Double Shut Out.


Reading  was another beer that was always available  at distributors but rarely at any taverns and restaurants.  As I mentioned,  Schmidt’s bought it out in 1978.  The commercial began by showing a bottle of another beer.  Over the years, I recall it was a bottle of Schmidt’s, Budweiser, or Schitiz.   It said…

If you you drink this beer {the other beer }, try this one{ Reading} Reading costs lots less and you might like it better. Reading, brewed from Mountain Spring Water, the Thrifty Buy.

Schmidt’s Beer

Schmidt’s was Philadelphia’s best known beer.  Full Name…C. Schimdt and Sons.   There was a branch in Norristown and in Cleveland.  Schmidt’s closed the Norristown plant in 1974.  That is where they brewed  Valley Forge Beer.   As you might expect, the Cleveland branch served Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.  The Schmidt’s truck, ambling through town, was a familiar sight in Philadelphia.  It sponsored  the Phillies games on radio and television.

We all remember the various slogans:

Schmidt’s one beautiful beer; Schmidt’s is a dry beer, a mellow beer, a hearty beer, blended in one beer a light bright fun beer; Schmidt’s one beautiful beer.

You tell the world you know what doing, everytime you reach for Schmidt’s…the easy beer.

Schmidt’s gives your thirst a taste of life.

Schmidt’s will ring a bell for ya; Schmidt’s of Philadelphia; Schmidt’s the full taste beer.

In 1972, Schmidt’s bought out the Duquesne Brewing Company, brewers of Duke Beer, in Pittsburgh and brewed it in Cleveland. In the late 70s, Anheuser Busch bought the local radio and television rights for all Major League Teams.  Schmidt’s continued advertising on Pre and Post Games Baseball shows and had the concession in Veterans Stadium.  In the late 70s,  Schmidt’s  bought out Ortliebs in Philadelphia, Reading in Reading, and Rheingold in New York.

In  1980, Schmidt’s joined the Light Beer market emphasizing the great taste and 96 calories of Schmidt’s Light.   The commercial stated the 96 calories of Schmidt’s Light compared favorably with 110 calories for Anheuser Busch Natural Light and much more than the 135 for Michelob Light.  

Finally, the inevitable came 1987 with the buy out of the Schmidt’s Brewing Company.  Just about all regional breweries have closed in favor of national brands.  

Andy Reid and the 1916 Presidential Election

The decision to stick with Micheal Vick as the Eagles quarterback is a sound one.  Going with Nick Foles right now would be far too much pressure for a rookie quarterback.  Monday night’s game will show how bad or resilient the Eagles really are.  There is still something they can get out of the season.  Remember Tom Coughlin’s job  was on the line after going just 7-7 with two games left to go in 2011.  The Giants faced a similar situation in 2007.

I heard a newsman say that Andy Reid has lost his touch.  With only  one Super Bowl, I don’t think he ever really had a touch.


The results of the 1916 Presidential Election were out for several days.   Recall that President Wilson, the incumbent Democrat, was running against Charles Evans Hughes.

California, with 13 Electoral Votes, went for President Wilson by 3,800 votes and gave him a majority in the Electoral College.   266 is the number required for this majority.  In those days, the total number of votes in the College was 531.  California and Texas were the only large states that  Wilson carried.  Then as now, Ohio  was a critical state.  The President carried the Buckeye State with 25 electoral votes.  Had Hughes carried Ohio, he would have the election.  Wilson proceeded to get us involved in World War I.  Senator Norris supporting Hughes, to me, was correct.


President Wilson received  9,127, 000 votes, 49.2% of the total popular vote; and carried  30 states with 277 electoral votes.

Charles Evans Hughes received 8,549, 000 votes, 46.1% of the total popular vote; and carried 18 states with 254 electoral votes.

Here is the breakdown by region for Hughes, who should have won.

New England (5) Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts,  Rhode Island, Vermont

Mid-Atlantic (5) Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

Mid-West (7) Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin

Far West (1) Oregon