Andy Reid and the 1916 Presidential Election

The decision to stick with Micheal Vick as the Eagles quarterback is a sound one.  Going with Nick Foles right now would be far too much pressure for a rookie quarterback.  Monday night’s game will show how bad or resilient the Eagles really are.  There is still something they can get out of the season.  Remember Tom Coughlin’s job  was on the line after going just 7-7 with two games left to go in 2011.  The Giants faced a similar situation in 2007.

I heard a newsman say that Andy Reid has lost his touch.  With only  one Super Bowl, I don’t think he ever really had a touch.


The results of the 1916 Presidential Election were out for several days.   Recall that President Wilson, the incumbent Democrat, was running against Charles Evans Hughes.

California, with 13 Electoral Votes, went for President Wilson by 3,800 votes and gave him a majority in the Electoral College.   266 is the number required for this majority.  In those days, the total number of votes in the College was 531.  California and Texas were the only large states that  Wilson carried.  Then as now, Ohio  was a critical state.  The President carried the Buckeye State with 25 electoral votes.  Had Hughes carried Ohio, he would have the election.  Wilson proceeded to get us involved in World War I.  Senator Norris supporting Hughes, to me, was correct.


President Wilson received  9,127, 000 votes, 49.2% of the total popular vote; and carried  30 states with 277 electoral votes.

Charles Evans Hughes received 8,549, 000 votes, 46.1% of the total popular vote; and carried 18 states with 254 electoral votes.

Here is the breakdown by region for Hughes, who should have won.

New England (5) Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts,  Rhode Island, Vermont

Mid-Atlantic (5) Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

Mid-West (7) Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin

Far West (1) Oregon


One thought on “Andy Reid and the 1916 Presidential Election

  1. The Eagles extended the contract of Howie Roseman, thus extending the last ten years of horrendous drafts. This man has not produced one decent player in the past 3 drafts. Here is the history of Eagles drafts that I could think of:
    Donovan was a stud,
    Corey Simon just ok,
    Freddie Mitchell over Reggie Wayne, Steve Smith and Chad Johnson,
    Lito Sheppard was ok,
    Jerome Mcdougle over Polamalu and Osi,
    Shawn Andrews over Vince Wilfork,
    Mike Patterson over Justin Tuck,
    Broderick Bunkley over Hgaloti Ngata,
    Jeremy Maclin over Percy harvin, clay Matthews, James laurinitus, Louis Delmas and Hakeem Nicks,
    Brandon Graham over Earl Thomas and Pierre Paul, and Danny Watkins
    They picked 20+ players in the 2010 & 2011 draft and NONE of them can play!
    If u aren’t depressed enough, in 2008 when they decided to trade out of first rd since nobody was “good enough” they pass on Chris Johnson, Dustin Keller, Kenny Phillips , Brandon Flowers, Jordy Nelson, Curtis Lofton, Tracy Porter and Matt Forte.
    And nobody got fired for this!
    I’ll go on…We picked Nate Allen over Rob Gronkowski, Daryl Washington, a stud from Cardinals, Brandon Spikes, Emmanuel Sanders
    And traded our other 2nd rd pick to Dallas and all they did was draft a stud from our own backyard in Sean Lee
    Finally, Trevor laws over Calais Campbell
    It’s really an absolute joke in my mind. And no repercussions yet for these horrible decisions.

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