Schmidt’s Beer

Schmidt’s was Philadelphia’s best known beer.  Full Name…C. Schimdt and Sons.   There was a branch in Norristown and in Cleveland.  Schmidt’s closed the Norristown plant in 1974.  That is where they brewed  Valley Forge Beer.   As you might expect, the Cleveland branch served Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.  The Schmidt’s truck, ambling through town, was a familiar sight in Philadelphia.  It sponsored  the Phillies games on radio and television.

We all remember the various slogans:

Schmidt’s one beautiful beer; Schmidt’s is a dry beer, a mellow beer, a hearty beer, blended in one beer a light bright fun beer; Schmidt’s one beautiful beer.

You tell the world you know what doing, everytime you reach for Schmidt’s…the easy beer.

Schmidt’s gives your thirst a taste of life.

Schmidt’s will ring a bell for ya; Schmidt’s of Philadelphia; Schmidt’s the full taste beer.

In 1972, Schmidt’s bought out the Duquesne Brewing Company, brewers of Duke Beer, in Pittsburgh and brewed it in Cleveland. In the late 70s, Anheuser Busch bought the local radio and television rights for all Major League Teams.  Schmidt’s continued advertising on Pre and Post Games Baseball shows and had the concession in Veterans Stadium.  In the late 70s,  Schmidt’s  bought out Ortliebs in Philadelphia, Reading in Reading, and Rheingold in New York.

In  1980, Schmidt’s joined the Light Beer market emphasizing the great taste and 96 calories of Schmidt’s Light.   The commercial stated the 96 calories of Schmidt’s Light compared favorably with 110 calories for Anheuser Busch Natural Light and much more than the 135 for Michelob Light.  

Finally, the inevitable came 1987 with the buy out of the Schmidt’s Brewing Company.  Just about all regional breweries have closed in favor of national brands.  


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