Pro Football Nick Names

I will have to add to this at intervals (earlier I mentioned Nicknames for Defense so I will leave them out here. )

Keeping Brothers Together

Dick Modzelewski-New York Giants-Little Mo

Ed Modzelewski-Cleveland Browns-Big Mo

Alan Ameche-Baltimore Colts Running Back-The Horse

Charlie Connerly-New York Giants Quarterback-Old Man River

Crazy Legs-ElRoy Hirsh-Los Angeles Rams

Darryl Brewster-Cleveland Browns Offensive End-Pistol Pete

Dick Lane-Defensive Back-Chicago Cardinals and Detroit Lions-Night Train

Dutchman, The-Quaterback and Punter-Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles

Electric Company-Buffalo Bills Offensive Line-They turn on the Juice or O.J. Simpson

Eugene Morris-Miami Dolphins Running Back-Mercury

Gale Sayers-Chicago Bears- Everything-The Kansas Comet

Hogs, The-Washington Redskins-Offensive Line in 1991

Hopalong Cassidy-Running Back-Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns

Hugh McElhenny-San Francisco 49ers Running Back-The King

Jerome Bettis-Pittsburgh Steelers Running Back-The Bus

Joe Perry-San Francisco 49ers Running Back-The Jet

Larry Csonka and Jim Kick-Miami Dolphins-Running Back-Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid

L.G. Dupre-Baltimore Colts Running Back-Long Gone Dupree

Lou Groza-Cleveland Browns-Kicker and Offensive Lineman-The Toe

O.J. Simpson-Buffalo Bills-The Juice

Posse, The-Washington Pass Receivers 1991-Gary Clark, Rickey Sanders, Art Monk

Roger the Dodger-Dallas Cowboys-Quarter Back

Walter Payton-Chicago Bears-Sweetness

Y.A. Title-New York Giants-The Bald Eagle


Earl Morrall in Baltimore 1968

After the disappointment in 1967, the Baltimore Colts were determined not to have the same thing happen in 1968.  Johnny Unitas though came up with tendonitis and the Colts picked up Earl Morrall from the New York Giants. With minimal preparation, Morrall responded with his best season ever. Earl was the NFL’s leading passer, an All Pro, and the Player of the Year. He of course had a great team behind me and the figures are there for you to see.  For the sake of brevity,  here are Morrall’s figures and the scores during the season.  182 passes completed, a 57.4% completion rate, 2,909 yards; and 26 touchdown passes. The season results:

Game 1 San Francisco W 27 to 10

Game 2 @ Atlanta W 28 to 20

Game 3 @ Pittsburgh W 41 to 7 (a route)

Game 4 Chicago W 28 to 7 (and the Bears had Gale Sayers and Dick Butkus)

Game 5 @ San Francisco W 42 to 14 (a route)

Game 6 Cleveland L 30 to 20 (the only loss)

Game 7 Los Angeles W 27 to 10 (the Rams finished 10-3-1)

Game 8 @ New York W 26 to 0 (a shutout)

Game 9  @ Detroit W 27 to 10

Game 10 @ St. Louis W 27 to 0 (the Cardinals were 9-4-1)

Game 11 Minnesota W 21 to 9 (Central Division Champion 8-6 record)

Game 12 Atlanta W 44 to 0 (third season shutout)

Game 13 Green Bay W 16 to 3 (defending NFL Champions)

Game 14 @ Los Angeles W 28 to 24 ( meaningless game but the Colts won anyway)

Season Record W 13 L 1

Western Conference Playoff W 24 to 14

NFL Title Game @ Cleveland Browns W 34 to 0 (fourth shut out)

Baltimore Colts Cheated in 1967

The Baltimore Colts lost the last game of the 1967 season to finish 11-1-2.  They tied for first place in the Coastal Division with the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams did better in head to head play leaving Baltimore out of the Post Season.  If anything proves the unfairness of the NFL setup,  this final game does.  The first game at Baltimore was a 24 all tie.  In that final game, the Rams at the Coliseum buried the Colts with a 34 to 10 victory.

Their two best games were against the Green Bay Packers, who finished 9-4-1  and Dallas Cowboys, who finished 9-5.

Both of the games were at home.

Week 8 Green Bay came in at 5-1-1 and Baltimore was 5-0-2.

The Packers shut out the Colts for 59 1/2 minutes  and led 10 t0 0. John Unitas threw a 10 yard touchdown pass to Alex Hawkins.  Lou Micheals missed the extra point and Baltimore trailed 10 to 6.  That missed extra point was big. Everyone knew an onside kick was coming.  Nevertheless, Baltimore  recovered it and Unitas threw a second touchdown pass, this time ta 23 yarder to Willie Richardson.  Baltimore won 13 to 10.  The Colts sacked Bart Starr six times for 44 yards and this kept the game close.

Week 12 Dallas came in at 8-3 to and Baltimore was 9-0-2.

The Baltimore Colts rallied for two field goals and a touchdown in the last quarter to win 23 to 17.  Each side had four turnovers.  Despite three interceptions, John Unitas was 22 for 39 for 275 yards and a touchdown.  Alex Hawkins caught eight passes for 125 yards. Baltimore won 23 to 17.

Earl Morrall as a New York Giant

Earl Morrall spent from 1965 to 1967 with the New York Giants.  In these three years,  Morrall did very little except back up Tom Kennedy in 1965 and Fran Tarkenton the following two years. He did hurt his former team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, in 1966.  It was the first weekend of the 1966 season and Bill Austin’s debut as Head Coach for the Steelers.   During Austin’s tenure, 1966 to 1968, Pittsburgh won only 11 games.  Nevertheless, the 5-8-1 record in 1966 was a great  improvement from 2-12 the year before.  Earl Morrall on opening day ruined the Steelers’ chances of victory.

–In first quarter with no score, Earl threw a 75 yard touchdown pass to Homer Jones.

–Midway in the fourth quarter,  Pittsburgh was leading the Giants 31 to 20. Steeler Punter Frank Lambert kicked a beauty that went out of bounds at the Giant one.  A stop here meant a punt, good field position, and a chance put the game away.  Instead Earl Morrall dropped back in the End Zone and threw a 99 yard touchdown pass Homer Jones.

–On the next series,  defensive halfback Wendell Harris returned a fumble for touchdown and Steelers were behind  34 to 31.

–Late in the game, the Pittsburgh  Steelers kicked a field goal and the final score was a  34 to 34 tie.  For the fifth consecutive year, the Steelers failed to win on opening day.   Earl Morrall and Homer Jones saw to that.

Yesterday’s 27 to 20 Loss to the Redskins & Barry Goldwater

Another big disappointment yesterday with the 27 to 20 loss to the Washington Redskins at Lincoln Financial Field.  While being tackled, Kick Foles threw a wounded duck that a Redskin defender intercepted after a defection.  Foles fumbled on a roll out and the Redskins recovered.  These turnovers gave Washington 10 points.  At the end of the game came those two misses in the End Zone.  Evan Moore failed to hang on to a flip pass.  Under heavy pressure, Nick Foles short hopped the ball to a wide open Jeremy Maclin.  Foles should have maintained his cool because he did get the pass away.   I can’t remember but it seemed like Maclin could have come back for the ball and still remained in the End Zone. There was a defintie failure of both men to adjust to circumstances.   Losing does not get easier with repetition.


Michael Vick will be the starting quarterback Sunday.  I don’t enjoy seeing Foles injured.  Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how Vick’s timeoff affected him.  Fans are saying the New York Giants,  at 8-7,  are through for 2012 and out of the Playoffs.  Maybe So.  Just remember last year they also had an 8-7 after 15 games and wound up as Super Bowl champions.


 Senator Goldwater did not like people qualifying their conservative beliefs.  Two comments from the Executive Branch in the 50s really bothered him.

President Eisenhower ” I am Conservative when it comes to Economic  problems but Liberal when it comes to human problems.”

Vice President Nixon. “Republicans should be economic Conservatives but Conservatives with a heart.”

Steelers Traded Earl Morrall to Detriot

Earl Morrall was the quarterback the Steelers traded for Bobby Layne in 1958.  Morrall played well both as a back up and first string quarterback  for four more teams

Detriot Lions 1960

Game 10 Baltimore at 6-4 came to Detroit to play the 4-5 Lions

Some Lions’ fans say this was the most exciting game they ever saw. Earl Morrall came in relief of Jim Ninowski and threw a touchdown pass to give the Lions a 13 to 8 lead.  After that, John Unitas and company started a drive in the last-minute of the game. Fans actually circled the field in delight as Unitas threw a 37 yard touchdown pass to Lenny Moore. Moore made a fantastic catch parallel  to the ground and totally in the air with 30 seconds left to go.  Baltimore fans sensed their team was going to its third consecutive NFL Title Game.  The cheering was so overwhelming that the TV audience could not hear the announcers. I have never seen a game where the fans encircled the entire field.  After the kickoff with 15 seconds left, Earl Morrall threw a 65 yard touchdown pass to Jim Gibbons. The crowd was stunned and silent but peaceful.  Detroit finished in second place with a 7-5 record. This loss eliminated the Baltimore Colts’ chances of winning a third consecutive title.  They were 6-6 in 1960.

Detroit Lions 1963

The Lions fell from 11-3 in 1962 to 5-8-1.  Nevertheless, with Earl Morrall at quarterback they were a Spoiler on successive weeks.

Week  12. Thanksgiving Day at Detroit  (4-7) vs the Green Bay Packers (9-2)

Earl Morrall directed drives in the last few minutes of the first half and the game to get a tie

First Half-Wayne Walker kicked a 37 yard field goal on the last play of the first half for a 6 to 6 tie at halftime.

Fourth Quarter-Nick Pietrosante rammed in for two yards for a touchdown with 30 seconds left. The 13 to 13 tie all but ruined  the Packers chances for a third straight NFL Championship.

Week 13. The Cleveland Browns, at 9-3, came in to Tiger Stadium with the Lions now at 4-7-1

The Lions eliminated the Browns from winning the Eastern Conference title with a smashing 38 to 10 victory. Earl Morrall completed 13 of 25 passes for 271 yards and two touchdowns.   Defensive End Darris McCord recovered a fumble in the End Zone for a touchdown.  The Lions held Jim Brown to 64 yards rushing.

Morrall  enjoyed being a spoiler. Winning titles would come in the future.

The Goldwater Memorial-President Eisenhower and Senator Goldwater

As stated, Barry Goldwater won the 1952 election for his first Senate term as part of the nationwide sweep of General Eisenhower over Adlai Stevenson. Goldwater defeated the incumbent Democrat  Earnest McFarland.  Eisenhower carried 39 states.  The Republicans made their first inroads in the Border South.  With President Eisenhower, Goldwater had and on and off  relationship.  Eisenhower of course was the candidate of the Eastern Liberal Establishment and his course was certain to be to the left of what the Senator hoped.  Goldwater agreed with Eisenhower on some points.  Goldwater hoped  the President would try repeal some the programs from the New Deal/ Fair Deal.; but that was not in the cards.

There were occasions that the Senator could support the President ‘s ideas.  Goldwater opposed a Congressional Bill  for more dam construction at Hell’s Canyon in Idaho.  Largely thanks to Senator Goldwater,  Congress could not override the President’s veto for the canyon.  Ezra Taft Benson was not popular as Secretary of Agriculture. Nevertheless, Barry Goldwater agreed with the administration’s efforts to curtail price supports and quota controls on farmers.  Goldwater, liking Ike again, was against an increase in the minimum wage which they both felt would result in inflation and an increase in unemployment.   BG totally distanced himself from John Birch Society when they questioned the patriotism of President Eisenhower.

Nevertheless, it seemed like Senator Goldwater was on a collision course with President Eisenhower a good deal of the time.  He was against the administration’s proposal for medical care for the aged under Social Security, increased highway construction, foreign aid, and most of all education.   He fought the nomination of Earl Warren for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the Brown vs. Board of Education Decision in 1954.   He criticized President Eisenhower for  sending troops  to integrate Central High School in Little Rock, AK.  Senator Goldwater felt that education and its funding was strictly a State and Local matter with no federal action justified.  The President later said privately to Goldwater that his selection of Earl Warren was a misfire.  Keep in mind though that Barry Goldwater and his supporters began the intergration of the Phoenix National Guard and public accomodations in Arizona.

Conservatism, aside from its basic philosophy,  is about and cents.  Barry Goldwater was appalled at $71.8 billion budget for 1956.   The surpluses and deficits for the following years were not consistent.  Surpluses-1956, 1957, and 1960.  The dreaded deficits-1954, 1955, 1958, and 1959.  Things would have been worse for Conservatives had Democrats been in the White House.  The opposition party was calling in formal papers and on the floors of Congress for increases in virtually every area.

Senator Goldwater still persisted by speaking to the whole Senate as follows “…We have no double standards of governmental soundness in America.  What is bad under the leadership of one party cannot possibly be good under the leadership of  the other…”   Goldwater often referred to the Eisenhower  Years as “A Dime Store New Deal.”