23 to 21 Over Tampa-Marquis Across the City

Minus the touchdown at the end, Sunday’s game reminded me of the Wild Card with Green Bay Packers two years ago.  The missed short field goal from Alex Henry was probably a good thing.  The only near killer was the fumbled punt return from DeMaris Johnson. That gave the Buccaneers a touchdown and changed the momentum of the entire game.  Bryce Brown did virtually nothing. The had to run, however, just to keep the defense honest.  On the last play, Nick Foles throw not doubt stemmed from knowing Tampa Bay had the number one run defense in the NFL.  It would be great of Bryce Brown become another Duce Staley.    With Bryce and McCoy churning the Eagles would have constant run threat.


At one time the Bellevue Stratford, the Adelphia, and the Sylvania all had roof marquis.  I suppose the hotel management took them down because of the cost and the danger of falling.  These, the last time I checked, are the three that currently exist.

Benjamin Franklin House-This building has the familiar neon bust of Franklin alternating flashes with the name of the building.  The name hotel was changed to house when it became a condominium.

PSFS-The former Philadelphia Saving Fund Society is now a Lowe’s Hotel.  Quite properly, the building retained the letters on top. Benjamin Franklin founded the bank and it was the first saving and loan company in America.

PNB-Philadelphia National Bank has the inital one over the other.

From Prior Days

DIVINE LORRAINE HOTEL-The full name of the building in red capital letters at Broad and Ridge was there for years.

IVB-The Industrial Valley Bank sign at 18th and Market was only visible if you were in the area.

PENN CENTER INN-This hotel was built in 1963 and part of the development of Penn Center at 20th and Market.  It was very prominent with  large white letter against the black background.  The hotel was torn down in 1989.

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