23 to 21 Tampa-Bookbinder’s

I just viewed that last drive that won the game Sunday.  Nick Foles did a great job and showed real poise. The last drive like that was nearly 40 years ago in 1973.  The Philadelphia Eagles were trailing the  Cardinals at St. Louis 24 to 13 with just under three mintues left to play.   Roman Gabriel threw a 58 yard pass to Harold Carmicheal who dodged a tackle on the way to the End Zone. The Eagles got the ball back and Gabriel threw a 22 yard pass to Don Zimmerman on the final play to win 27 to 24.  It was first win for Eagle Coach Mike McCormick and the Eagles would not defeat the Cardinals for five years.


With the passing of restaurants such as Arthur’s, Frankie Bradley’s, Mitchells, and the Scott Moss, the best steak in town is probably at Bookbinders on 15th Street.  One of big difference between the two Bookbinders was that the Center City location had a greater variety and quality of meat.  Though a seafood lover,  I often had T-Bone, Porterhouse, and lamb chops there that were very good.


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